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Iowa Title Company - Dallas County Recorder Guidelines

Iowa Title works very closely with our elected officials in the Recorderís, Treasurerís, Auditorís, Assessorís, and Clerk of Courtís offices.

All filing documents that are received and reviewed by Iowa Title are presented to the Dallas County Recorder each afternoon. Because of the time needed to review these documents, all filings must be called into Iowa Title by 10:30 a.m. and be ready for pick up no later than 11:00 A.M. or have other arrangements made. A call will be made to the customer after all documents have been recorded.

The Recorderís Office now requires:

  • Paper: White, not less than 20 pound weight, without watermarks or other visible inclusions. Should not be larger than 8.5X14 or smaller than 8.5X11.
  • Top Margin: At least 3 inches across the top of the document.
  • Printing: One side only.
  • Text: At least 8 point for pre-printed, at least 10 point for filled in information, legible and reproducible
  • Signatures: Black or Dark blue ink - names typed, printed or stamped beneath signatures. All signatures must be notarized.
  • Corrections: Documents should not contain any white out or correction fluid. If there is a correction to make, the preparer of the document should draw a line through the mistake and initial it.

Necessary Information:

  • Name, address and phone number of preparer.
  • Name of taxpayer and complete address
  • Return address
  • Title of Document
  • Grantor's Name - Grantee's Name
  • Any address required by statute
  • Legal description - Parcel identification number if required
  • If the space on the first page doesn't allow for the necessary information, the page where it is located must be noted.

Recording Fees:

  • To record a deed, change of title, or contract, the fee is $12 for the first page. Each additional page is $5. For deeds, there is also a $5 transfer fee for each separate parcel of real estate involved.
  • Any other document is $7 for the first page, and $5 for each additional page.
  • Releases and assignments that have more than one book and page being assigned or released will need to add an additional $7 per book and page.
  • Any page longer than 14 inches and any attached pieces will be considered an additional page.
  • Documents that do not meet the requirements may be charged an additional $10 per instrument.
  • Contact your recorderís office for instructions and fees to record plat proceedings.


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