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Courtesy Filings should be sent by mail directly to the Recorder's Office with recording fees attached.


The recent ruling in Standard Water Control Systems, Inc. v Jones held that contractors who do not use subcontractors are not required to file a notice of commencement on the Mechanics’ Notice and Lien Registry (MNLR) in order to file a mechanic’s lien. The Standard Water ruling, however, did not change the current requirement for contractors with subcontractors to file a Notice of Commencement.

Iowa Title Company will continue to search the Mechanics’ Notice and Lien Registry on all title products for mechanic’s liens. As such, we will continue our practice of showing mechanic’s liens as an entry in our title products. As part of our services, Iowa Title provides a separate MNLR search that reflects any notices of commencement or preliminary notices. Considering the new ruling, however, we caution our clients that an MNLR search for notices of commencement and preliminary notices may NOT reflect all possible mechanic’s liens. Therefore, the potential for a contractor to file a mechanic’s lien is possible even though the MNLR search did not reveal that a notice had been filed.

In light of this new change, Iowa Title Guaranty has updated its requirements for lien waivers at closing. We encourage you to visit their website for more information on the new requirements. http://ITG_Updated_Requirements_MNLR.


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